7 Key Features Interviewers Look For in Candidates

Key things interviewers look for in Candidates

Interviewers are looking for a lot of things in an interview, but the following 7 aspects are the key features which make a lasting impression. Give yourself the best chance in your interview by preparing the following: 


Believe in yourself and what you’re saying. It’s difficult for an interviewer to believe in your ability or picture you in the business when you’re not confident in your own ability. An interviewer wants to give you an opportunity; don’t give them a reason to not give you the job. Present yourself as a capable, authentic professional who is not out of their depth. 

The key to building confidence for an interview is preparation. 


Everyone knows the phrase ‘If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail’. It’s generally true in terms of interviews, being unprepared shows a lack of interest or ability to do the job. The purpose of an interview is to show a company you’re capable of doing the job and are interested in working for that company. Use bullet points to learn information rather than paragraphs as paragraphs will sound rehearsed and thus not natural. 

Learn more about preparing with our blog ‘How to prepare for an interview.’ 

Open to Learning New Things 

Interviewers like to know that you won’t be resistant to change, most jobs require someone who is able to adapt to the company’s way of doing things. This could be in the form of using a new technical tool, software application or process. An interviewer may also want to see that you’re willing to proactively explore what’s new in the industry, learn new things and go to networking events. Show that you’re adaptable.  

A Good Handshake 

The well-known professional welcoming gesture of a handshake is very important to make your first impression in an interview. No one wants to grab a limb or clammy hand to shake. A strong handshake shows confidence, preparation and attention. You want to make this a confident and professional introduction to the interview. 

As Tony Morrison, Vice President of Cashinko, has written, you may not remember your last good handshake but you certainly you remember your last bad one!  

Don’t be remembered for the wrong reason. 


Non-verbal communication is extremely important, an interviewer wants you to look engaged and interested in this opportunity. Maintaining a steady and upright posture will ensure that you look attentive and professional throughout the interview. 


Maintaining good eye contact is key to showing you’re confident. A small gesture such as holding eye contact for a good length of time could show that you’re confident, honest and engaged in the interview. 

Try to make your eye-contact natural and not forced, pay attention to your non-verbal communication as you could be giving away information without even realising it.  Holding your gaze while they are talking is important to show you’re listening. Practice your posture and eye contact before the interview. 

Being Yourself 

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken,”- Oscar Wilde 


It’s easy to tell if someone is trying to be someone they’re not, especially a hiring manager who probably interviewers 10’s or 100’s people a year. Be natural, if you’re nervous, take your time to pause and think about what you’re saying. 

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